Let's blogroll!

CaribPundit is back. Check out the zippy new page, with buttons for Caribbean news, views, religion, and original fiction. Go here to find out why Mae Magouirk matters.

Cranky Neocon is celebrating one year of blogging. He credits P.J. O'Rourke with sending him down the evil conservative path. He's also real happy about that link from The Corner. And while you're perusing his main page, check out the collected works of the Cranky Kid, and scientific proof of the existence of a Supreme Being.

Mamamontezz waxes poetic with some thoughts on Gramma and the slippery slope (see CaribPundit above). She goes erotic with this extraordinary piece (rated PG).

Baldilocks weighs in with some thoughts on associations ... seems some people get nervous when, er, certain types of people get together in large groups. Hooboy, I could write a book on that one. Jews and queer folks get the same thing - the same well-meaning, solicitous worry about "cutting yourself off from mainstream culture." Grrrrr. Anyway, read her post on the Conservative Brotherhood.