New to Blogroll

New Ozblog called Arc of Reason. Biting, insightful, and brutally honest political commentary by The Hudster. Scroll down to January 30 for a particularly barbaric "political" crime (and Hudster's postscript), then up to February 11 for an analysis of NASA's priorities, and up to February 12 for some thoughts on Dresden.

I don't know whether Bear Left on an Unnamed Road is the same bear who Eats Shoots And Leaves, but he keeps a mighty fine blog - even though he seems to be hibernating for the time being. Back on November 8, he wondered about Howard Dean's bid for leadership of the Democratic Party. On extremism vs. centrism, he noted: 'A swing to the center, on the other hand, would mean making hard choices: What causes to champion, which issues to define the Party by, and which matters to abandon entirely or shelve for a rainy day. A swing to the center means reorienting the Party, rebirthing the Party. A swing to the center means rethinking what the Party stands for and who it represents. It means re-marketing the Party as the voice of reason, rather than the voice of radicalism.' I don't know what Bear Left is thinking today. I hope he'll post again soon.

A very cute butch called MJ brings us Friday Fishwrap. Don't ever try to stiff the waitstaff on her shift! Also scroll to February 10, where she watches the MSM do an oh-so-cute "Wife Swap". The swap? 'Exchange an average middle class lesbian mom with a upper middle class ultra conservative christian mom.' (Gee, these Hollywood creative types are so original.)

For those of us whose interests include physics and knitting, Quantum Tea is a must-read. To tell you the truth, I can't even remember how to "cast on" ... maybe this'll get me started again. (And I never even knew how to make an atomic bomb.) For the latest news on armwarmers and CERN, go here.

Virginia Postrel, aka The Dynamist, gives credit where it's due (January 30), muses on the cost of blogging (February 1), and takes on farm subsidies (February 7). Check her out.