Morning Report: February 28, 2005

Terrorist bombs kill over 100 in Baghdad. ' A suicide car bomber Monday morning drove into a crowd of Iraqis outside a government medical office in Hilla, killing at least 125 and wounding up to 200 others, Iraqi government and health officials said. Iraqi police recruits were lining up outside the building to be given physicals, officials said.' CNN reports that 'A second car bomb exploded about 15 miles to the north in Musayyib. Iraq's Interior Ministry said it had reports of wounded but no other details.' Ongoing updates are available at The Command Post. (CNN, TCP)

Massive protests in Lebanon. "It is a mild-mannered standoff," asserts CNN's Brent Sadler, referring to the anti-Syrian protests in Lebanon. Publius (via Instapundit) has a round-up. 'According to Lebanonwire, 10,000 people have poured into Martyr’s Square between late Sunday night and 5:00 this morning, despite a ban on protests. ... There air in Lebanon is tense. There are predictions of bloodshed.' (CNN, Publius)