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The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler offers some ideas for Germany's bold experiment in socioeconomic progress. Ginmar says: 'It legitimizes the notion that men need sex, get unreasonable without it, and that women need to either provide it---professionally or in an amateur capacity---or simply get out of the way. Be it on their heads, though, for not factoring in these simple fact of life when planning their days, outfits, and careers and so forth. Bet you five bucks they'll never try and force men to do this, much less male-on-male prostitution. Here's a wonderful subject for debate: if they force these women---on pain of starvation---to prostitute themselves, exactly how are they different from pimps?'

UPDATE: A reader suggests this story may be an "urban legend". Dreams Into Lightning had treated it as fact because it came from a reputable mainstream media source; however, I am now treating it as speculative until I can get further confirmation of its authenticity. A separate Dreams Into Lightning post relating to the German prostitution story has been pulled, pending verification.

Emily at Strangechord also speaks out against biology-based attempts to extenuate rape and violence: 'The dominant culture conditions boys/men to believe the falsehood that they must f*ck other living things over to survive (and women believe this too, but maybe not to the same extent). I cannot imagine what it's like to believe that humans are inherently violent and warlike. It's a terribly ignorant thing to believe that in the light of human history, and it also strikes me as very sad.'

Sully is taking a break from blogging, he tells us. We'll all miss Andrew Sullivan's regular posts, but no doubt it's time for him to recharge his batteriews. Good luck, Andrew.

Sherri is having a little fun with photoblogging (go to the January archives at the link and scroll down).

The Mideast reacts to the Iraqi elections at American Future (new to the Dreams Into Lightning blogroll).