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Hatin Surucu was shot dead at a bus stop in Berlin, Germany, on February 7. The 23-year-old Turkish woman was mourned by the lesbian and gay community, but not by her family. Deutsche Welle reports:
To the people who came to this bleak part of Berlin's Tempelhof district for Tuesday's solemn vigil -- called not by the city's Muslim community but a gay and lesbian organization -- the image of the young woman in a headscarf, a baby in her arms, was familiar from newspapers and television. A few notes at the memorial read, "Hope you get a better deal in your next life," and "Live a life on your own terms."

"It's a scandal," said Ali K, 33. "All Muslims in Berlin should take to the streets to protest." Yasemin, 22, said, "It's horrific. All Hatin was doing was leading her life the way she wanted."

But it was a choice she paid for with her life. On Feb. 7, 23-year-old Hatin Sürücü was gunned down at the aforementioned bus stop. She died on the spot. Shortly afterwards, three of her brothers -- who reportedly had long been threatening her -- were arrested. Investigators suspect it was a so-called "honor killing," given the fact that Sürücü's ultra-conservative Turkish-Kurdish family strongly disapproved of her modern and "un-Islamic" life.

Sürücü grew up in Berlin and was married off at 16 to a cousin in Istanbul. ...

It's not surprising that the ruthlessly homophobic aspects of the Middle East should spill over, unopposed, into areas of the West that have bought into a perverse notion of "tolerance".

Nor is it surprising that Western leftists, having long made common cause with the most profoundly fascist Mideastern regimes, should abandon their pretense of concern for queer people at the first opportunity. I've posted on leftist homophobia before; back then, it was an "anti-war" rally where lesbian and gay liberals were harrassed by islamists. Now, Gay Patriot blogs about homophobia on the left - take a good look at the vile "cartoon" on that post. And, no surprise at all, he finds his trolls resorting to gratuitous Gannon references.

Joshua Gibson at Fagistan is starting to connect the dots about homophobia and gannongate, too:
You know what, liberals? You are ruining a perfectly good sex scandal for me. I'd be perfectly happy to wallow in the hilarity of a conservative reporter revealed to be a hot prosty. I would laugh and make Marine sex jokes for weeks, giggling to myself quietly on the street as I soaked in the majesty of such an event. I'd even, you know, jack off thinking about having hot for-hire-sex with Mr. Gannon.

But no. You won't let me. You liberals are so intent on using homophobia to destroy the President that you can't just sit back and enjoy the ride. ...

And he, too, finds he's not very surprised when the gay-bashing turns from Gannon to Gibson:
I said, initially, that progressives should be ashamed to have supported Dean. I take it back.

Dean should be ashamed of having their support.

Read the whole post.

Patti Niehoff at White Pebble links a very good article by Daniel Pipes (which appears immediately adjacent to her post on Fagistan). Patti explains, "I never so much changed my views away from liberalism — it’s that liberalism itself moved." Daniel Pipes, while discussing anti-Semitism on the Left, identifies four significant ways anti-Semitism has shifted since World War II. The first shift, he says, is:
From right to left: For centuries, anti-Semitism was the hallmark of the right and merely episodic on the left. To take the ultimate examples of these trends, Stalin's Judeophobia was peripheral to his monstrous project, but Hitler's was central to his. Even a decade ago, this pattern still basically held true. But recent years have witnessed a rapid and global realignment, with the mainstream right increasingly sympathetic to Jews and Israel and its leftist counterparts cooler and more hostile.

What is true of anti-Semitism also holds for homophobia: gays are finding increasing acceptance in conservative circles, while the radical left, now truly "rebels without a cause", are turning against a group they once regarded as a "client minority".

Judith Weiss at Kesher Talk (the unofficial headquarters of "Jewish Liberals for Bush") is responsible for posting - but not for writing - the anonymously authored classic A Jewish Liberal New Yorker Votes for Bush. Judith is a prolific blogger and has so many great posts and links that it's hard to keep track of them all; but here I'll link her latest revelations about anti-Semitism on the campus, and her recent anti-Semitism watch. What Judith understands is that, exactly as Pipes has argued, anti-Semitism has largely migrated "from right to left". "It's not 1940 anymore", she writes in this analysis of Jewish liberalism. "The global initiatives of that legacy, as well as the will to justify and defend that legacy, have been picked up by the neo-conservative movement and is now being carried forward by the other party. Change comes hard to any minority group which has so wholeheartedly identified its salvation with a certain ideology. (Blacks have this problem too, and are shifting their alliegances just as gradually.)"

We cannot count on the liberal establishment - and most certainly not the far-left - to stand firm against racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, and homophobia; indeed, these evils are increasingly showing themselves on the "left" side of the political landscape. What matters is a firm commitment to small-L liberal values: the same values our Nation was, however imperfectly, built on. This is our only true defense against fascism.