Update from Ginmar

LiveJournal blogger Ginmar, who brings us A View From A Broad, may be switching to posting on a private forum soon - which means (at least as far as I understand LJ, which I don't, really) that her blog will be closed to the public. That would be a loss for all of us, but I understand her decision. She's getting tired of the trolls, for one thing, and as a female US Army Soldier in a combat zone (Iraq), she has plenty of crap to deal with in real life - most of which she can't really talk about on the internet.

Go visit her site. She's a passionate and articulate feminist - "Just because you haven't experienced sexism, doesn't mean it doesn't exist" - and an avid Buffy fan. Her politics are a little bit different from mine, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying her blog and it shouldn't stop you. Go check out A View From A Broad while you have the chance.