New in the Dreams Into Lightning Universe

At Pacific Memories, our narrator learns the origin of a British (New Zealander) sailor's hostility, and manages to escape with his good conduct record - and his buddy's glasses - unbroken. We take a tour of the camp at Papakura - it's right near Tironui, in case you were wondering. Beer can be had at the "wet canteen", but it's another beverage that really makes an impression. Go to the link and scroll down for the latest installment.

Newly posted poetry at Urban Renewal and Wilderness Vision. My sister won numerous writing awards during her teen years; "Train-Time" was among the poems that won Stephanie the Scholastic Gold Key in 1980. She was 15 when she wrote it.

At the conclusion of an undergraduate course in "American Literature Through 1850", our class was called upon to provide some evidence that we had actually read the required assignments. (This imposition is commonly known as the "final exam".) My take-home essay, "Providence in the Wilderness", highlights the revelatory encounter with the unfamiliar in Frederick Douglass and other American writers; it is posted at my Portfolio.