Let's blogroll!

Special: Bloggers make cole slaw of the Professor. The pro-Iraqi blogosphere shredded Juan Cole this week. Ali did not take kindly to the Professor's aspersions on himself and his brothers, concluding in grand style:
I've exposed you once Dr. Cole and so I did to you precious Riverbend, but I, and my brothers have great expectations for our country and we spend most of our time trying to make them come true. However, if you ever insult my brothers again, I'll make sure to make time for you with a free bonus to your Riverbend. So don't let me put you on my mind or else you'd better focus on something other than Iraq. Talk about Lebanon, or Yemen. Yemen is good! You haven't messed up with a Yemeni blogger I assume? Or if you can't live without talking about Iraq, then keep it poetic. It saves my time and your reputation.

Michael J. Totten doesn't usually pick fights with other bloggers, but he's willing to make an exception for Cole. Armed Liberal at Winds of Change wonders, "Professor...do you think we're all idiots?" The usually mild-mannered Jeff Jarvis calls him "pond scum". Dean Esmay denounces "the blogosphere's fascist apologists". Chrenkoff is having deja vu. And over at Kesher Talk, Judith is keeping tabs on the whole affair.