Jeanne Cavelos, SF Writer

This week I received an e-newsletter from science fiction writer Jeanne Cavelos. She's responsible for the wonderful four-volume "Techno-Mage series" based on the TV series Babylon 5. A while back I wrote her a fan letter, which she was kind enough to quote in her e-mail. The Techno-Mage books are really, really good writing. (And I'm very picky about SF writing.) Read them if you get a chance, even if you haven't seen "Babylon 5". Cavelos - an astrophysicist, and also a horror devotee - explores the ambivalent nature of technology and power. Her characters inhabit a universe that is as complex morally as it is technologically. They ask hard questions and do not get easy answers, but they are enriched by their struggles. I can't think of any more relevant reading for today's world.