Morning Report: November 28, 2004

Iran regime continues nuclear dance with EU. In another installment of the tedious IRI/EU nuclear charade, the Europeans at one point broke off talks with the Iranian regime, according to a recent Debka bulletin: 'Europeans break off attempt to rescue uranium enrichment deal with Iran at UN nuclear watchdog meeting in Vienna, opening door to UN sanctions. Attempt collapsed when Iranian FM Kharrazi rejected their draft resolution. He also refused to drop demand for exemption of 20 centrifuges from uranium enrichment freeze.' But now CNN is reporting that the islamist entity has "backed down". In the estimation of this AP report, 'Iran apparently has given up its demand to exempt some equipment from a deal freezing uranium enrichment programs that can make nuclear weapons, diplomats said Sunday.' The AP's sources said the IAEA had received a letter 'containing a pledge not to test some centrifuges during the freeze it agreed to November 7 during negotiations with Britain, France and Germany on behalf of the European Union'; this move will apparently head off a confrontation with the UN Security Council.

Iran considers Saudi Arabia a nuclear state - MENL. Middle East News Line reports that the IRI regime believes Saudi Arabia already has nuclear weapons: 'Iranian sources said the Islamic leadership in Teheran assessed that the Saudi kingdom has acquired access to nuclear weapons and technology. The sources said Saudi Arabia signed an agreement in 2003 with Pakistan for the latter to help the Arab kingdom in both the deployment of nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems.' (Hat tip: Little Green Footballs.)

"Large buildings full of students." Progressive Arab columnist Eissa Al-Halyan, writing in the Saudi daily al-Jazirah, excoriates the educational establishment in Arab countries in this article made available through MEMRI.

Political Theory Sunday. A reader at The Corner weighs in with this post on Leo Strauss and the neoconservative movement.