Got back to Portland this past week, and had to hit the ground running with the start of school on Wednesday. Have finally had a chance to catch my breath ... and I've got lots of posting to do!

The visit with TNG was great. He's taking Tae Kwon Do and he's really enthusiastic about it. Also I took him to see "Sky Captain" - great flick, we both loved it. Got some great pictures of the kid. He's going to come up to Portland this Thanksgiving weekend.

The military reunion was incredible. I don't know when I've laughed so much in a 96-hour period. We were all stuck by how little we'd changed - except for possibly getting a little bit wider. We got to visit Camp Pendleton, and even toured the armored-vehicle ramp that we used to call home. I'll write more about this experience soon ... I'm still reeling from it.

And no, I didn't hear a thing, but they tell me Mount Saint Helens gave off a bit of a pop yesterday. I'll post on MSH if anything exciting happens - as long as I'm not buried under a pile of volcanic ash myself.