Morning Report: October 13, 2004

Bush, Kerry set for final debate. President Bush and John Kerry will be holding their final debate tonight. The debate, scheduled for 9PM Eastern Time (6PM Pacific) will focus on domestic issues. (Fox)

Iraqi cellphone workers on strike. Omar reports that employees of cellphone provider Iraquna have launched a strike demanding that the company provide better security. Despite being affected by the strike as a subscriber, Omar says 'I still feel it’s a good thing that hundreds of Iraqis performed an organized protest. Such things you could never hear or even dream about before the war.' (Iraq the Model)

Women, children found in mass graves in Iraq. 'The body of one woman was found still clutching a baby. The infant had been shot in the back of the head and the woman in the face.' US-led investigators have linked the mass graves recently discovered in Hatra, Iraq, to the 1987-88 genocide against the Kurds under the Saddam Hussein regime. (BBC)

Administration's "carrot/stick" language concerns Iranian activists. The new site Blog Iran expresses unease over European language about "carrots and sticks" before the coming G8 summit on Iran, to be held in Washington this Friday. The current post on the upcoming G8 summit asks, 'What exactly do they mean by "bigger sticks and bigger carrots"? Can you visualize this? Perhaps Jack Straw and Joschka Fischer will pay their upteenth visit to the Mullahs and say "please ohh please accept our bigger carrots, because if you don't, we will be forced to pull out our bigger sticks!"' Iranian freedom activists are worried that Washington may be weakening its position against the IRI regime, under pressure from European "allies". To speak out against the regime and for the Iranian people, sign the Iran Regime Change Petition. (Blog Iran)