Explosives Story Up In Smoke?

Not with a bang, but with a "poof", 380 tons of missing weapons became 3 tons, as the latest revelations on the al-Qaqaa weapons story unfold. Charles at Little Green Footballs is covering it.
The truth is coming out about the bogus New York Times story on missing explosives, and it appears as if my first instinct may have been correct—the IAEA deliberately planted false information and the Times and the Kerry campaign ran with it: Discrepancy Found in Explosives Amounts.
- 380 Tons Becomes 3 Tons
Howard Kurtz reports that CBS News and the New York Times were collaborating on the Al-Qaqaa weapons story, and that CBS tried to get the Times to hold back until Sunday night—a very obvious late hit strategy, designed to deal the Bush campaign a crippling blow before the truth could come out: Editor: Leaks Hastened Report on Missing Explosives.
- CBS at Heart of Weapons Story