A Country Called Nair

The United States has no Iran strategy - but US forces have been training for operations in a fictitious country named "Nair", according to this very detailed report published in Ha'Aretz and reproduced at Free Iran. The exercise, called Unified Quest (UQ), envisages a scenario in which American forces are expected to prevail in spite of significant commitments elsewhere.

The lengthy analysis mentions that a key doctrine of this conflict will be "every soldier a combatant" - echoing the Marine Corps motto, "every Marine a rifleman", and meaning that every fighting person should be prepared to defend himself or herself.

The Israeli article also recalls that "the Americans have a long account to settle" with the IRI regime, one that began nearly a quarter-century ago with the infamous "444 days" of the American hostage crisis.

True enough - and so do the Iranian people, who have lived under the mullahs every day since then. I don't think it will be much longer before the code names and transparent anagrams are put aside, and the IRI regime faces a very real threat from the forces of freedom. And that will be no drill.

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