Morning report: August 3, 2004

Israel braces for mega-terror. A recent Debka bulletin states that Israel's military intelligence chief Major General Zeevi anticipates large-scale Hezbollah attacks, possibly targeting senior military officers. Zeevi believes the Israeli/Palestinian conflict cannot be resolved by military means alone. (Debka)

Kerry fundraiser's anti-democracy suit gets underway. The case of Nemazee Vs. SMCCDI and Aryo B. Pirouznia has been assigned a case number and will be heard in Dallas. The plaintiff, Hassan Nemazee, is John Kerry's main fundraiser and is considered an IRI regime apologist by Iranian freedom activists. The student democracy group SMCCDI sees this $10 million lawsuit as a device to stifle its pro-democracy activities and buy time for the regime. SMCCDI is counter-suing. According to SMCCDI, "It's to note that in addition to many evidences, the freedom slowing role of Nemazee and some of his colleagues, such as, Akbar Ghahary and Soosan Akbarpoor, who are also part of the highest level of the Kerry Campaign, has been praised by some of the Islamic governmentally linked newspapers, such as Etemaad daily, which are praising the gang for having been able to neutralize some of the opposition's activities in the US." The pro-democracy organization is counter-suing; please consider making a donation to their legal fund. Full details are posted at this topic: Help SMCCDI Counter-Sue Nemazee. If the post has moved, please check the Free Iran forum. Watch this blog for more information. (SMCCDI / Free Iran)

Omar: West must avoid religion trap. Writing about the al-Qaeda attacks on Christian churches in Iraq, Omar warns that "This Is a Trap" set by terrorists to lure the West into believing that the Mideast conflict is religious in nature. On the contrary, Omar say, most Iraqis understand the church killings to be another attack on Iraqis. 'This time they chose to attack what they think is a soft target and I believe that their choice is based on two sick wishes: The first one: they think that by terrorizing the Iraqi Christian community the Iraqi Christians will get panicked and choose to leave Iraq and thus creating a situation of insecurity and distrust among Iraqis. The second one: with these attacks they want to drag the West to believe that this a war on Christianity and that it came as a reaction to the “war on Islam”. They want to give their war a religious shape to inflame religious sensitivities between Christians and Muslims and they want the Muslims in the West to be persecuted so that they can use it to make simple minded Muslims believe that the war on terror is a crusade.' The first goal, he says, will find no "measurable success" in Iraq; the second depends on the West. (Iraq the Model)

Comments: I agree with MGen Zeevi that the Israli/Palestinian conflict will not be solved by military means alone - nor by Israel alone. Continuing efforts at reconciliation between the two peoples are necessary to undo decades of mutual hostility. But little real progress can be made as long as foreign regimes are going all-out to derail the peace process, e.g. the IRI/Hezbollah terrorists. Peace between Israel and Palestine will not be achieved in Ramallah and Jerusalem, but in Tehran and Damascus - and this means regime change. The result will be a better future for the whole Mideast.