More Good News for Bush

President Bush continues to climb in the polls, according to both Gallup (hat tip: Michael Graham at NRO) and Rasmussen. Additionally, Graham comments that a "feeling of inevitable doom" is beginning to descend over his friends in the Kerry camp.

LGF has still more poll results ( from Election Projection ), indicating a "pre-convention bounce".

Roger L. Simon notes that the Swifties' ads, and especially the book (look for more on that later today), have taken a heavy toll on Kerry's campaign. Most damning, the charges have not been contradicted, only reacted to with bluster and outrage. Well, JFK2 can be as outraged as he likes, but if he can't defend himself against the Swift vet's accusations, he's sunk.

Personal observation: I think it's helping that we're getting out there and speaking up. Just last night I had a great discussion with a woman in my kabbalah study group who's getting tired of keeping her mouth shut. A lifelong liberal who's never voted Republican before (seems there are a lot of those coming out of the woodwork!) she expressed horror that the Jew-haters of the "Peace and Justice" group had attracted such a following, and outrage that the Democratic Party had been "hijacked" (her word) by far-leftists and islamists. There followed a short but encouraging discussion (or at least, the beginning of a discussion) on some difficult and previously "taboo" subjects, such as the problem of evil in the world, and the responsibility of Jews - or anyone - to defend themselves and others from that evil.

The kind of mass insanity currently on display in the streets of New York becomes "respectable" only as long as rational people fail to oppose it. It depends on a spell of silence that shuts down good people's ability to think critically. As soon as we speak up, and show that we are not afraid to challenge this doctrine of fascism and despair, the spell is broken. And this is what we must do.