Hamas Bombing Kills 15+

At least 15 people were killed in a double bombing in Beersheba. Debka notes that 'Terrorist access from Mt Hebron to Beersheba is unimpeded by security barrier whose construction is held up for high court rulings.' The AP article on Fox says that 'The explosions came just hours after Sharon presented to his Likud party the most detailed timetable yet for Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, and warned party rebels the plan "will be implemented, period."'

Once again, the islamofascists are making it abundantly clear that they oppose any steps which might lead to a resolution of the Israel/Palestine conflict. Todays article at Debka spells it out: 'Palestinian terror is again rampant in the belief that it has the power to defeat Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon’s unilateral disengagement plan.' Apparently it's working: 'Ready until the last to assume responsibility for security in the Gaza Strip after Israel’s departure, the Egyptian government has finally backed off. This week, Cairo rescinded its key proviso, that Yasser Arafat reform the Palestinian security machine and cleanse it of terrorists.' The analysis also predicts that the Iranian regime, now seeking a 'leadership role' in the Palestinian Authority, will step up its attacks against Israelis in the coming week.