Debka on Revised Disengagement Plan

Debka offers analysis of new disengagement proposals from Bush. A firm opponent of Bush's Gaza and West Bank disengagement policy for Israel, Debka takes cautious encouragement from the President's apparent backdown on earlier demands that Israel halt new construction in Gaza. An administration official recently stated that Washington would agree to allow Israel to build limited new housing within existing Jewish sites on the West Bank to allow for natural population growth, provided that the settlements do not overstep existing territory.

Debka's analysis notes with some satisfaction, "With Labor staging its own revolt against the drive initiated by its chairman, Shimon Peres, to join the government, no cabinet or Knesset majority and a party divided against him, Sharon finds his disengagement plan blocked at every hand." For the full analysis of the issues facing Bush, Sharon, and their respective governments, read the whole piece here.