Personal stuff. I'm moving next week. Not very far, only a few blocks, but I'm really excited. I've been at my cozy one-bedroom apartment on Morrison St. for over four years now, and I'm fond of the place but I've really outgrown it. Plus I've got to make room for my parents' book collection, which I inherited with my mother's passing last year, plus a lot of my own belongings that I packed up when I moved out from the Former Mrs. back in 1997. (Former Mrs. is still living in San Francisco with The Next Generation, who will turn 9 this December.)

So the good news is, I've found a really BIG two-bedroom apartment in a beautiful, 94-year-old brick building in the classy Northwest neigborhood - it's exactly what I was looking for but not really hoping to find. (No, none of these slick, gleaming, ultra-modern buildings for me, thank you very much.) My move-in date is next Wednesday (7/7) but I'm paid thru the end of the month at my old place, so I'll be spreading the move out over a week or two. (As excited as I am, I prefer to mitigate the trauma of relocating. Oh yeah, and I might be just a tiny bit lazy, too.)

Another benefit is that I'll be able to have The Next Generation up here to visit. He's been up here once, but mostly I go down to San Francisco and visit with him at FM's place. Which is OK, but it's always a bit awkward, and I'd really like to have TNG spend some time here, hang out with me, meet my friends, etc. Plus it will give FM a break.

Anyway, I'll be on a somewhat irregular posting schedule this coming week. Morning Report will be standing down until I'm a little bit settled in, probably around next Sunday (7/12).