The Sanctity of Marriage

So let's think about this. The state of Virginia has passed a law that explicitly bars gay couples from any partnership arrangement "purporting to bestow the privileges or obligations of marriage." How mean and small-minded can you be? This is done in the name of "protecting" marriage.

Here, heterosexual marriage is no longer defined in terms of what it is, but in terms of what it is not. With this law, Virginians have rejected a model of marriage based on love, mutual support, shared responsibility, or even the building of a family. They have chosen instead to define their own marriages in terms of rights denied to others.

Listen, good people of Virginia. Do you really want to cheapen and degrade your own marriages so? Are you really so deeply afraid of what you might learn from gay couples, that you must intrude into their relationships to deny them the rights you take for granted?

Freedom is not competitive. By denying my neighbor's rights, I do not protect my own; I diminish them.