No, Virginia

No, you may not marry.
Nor may you act as if you are married.
Nor may you sign any contract purporting to bestow the privileges or obligations of marriage.
You may not love, nor may you commit your support to your partner.
You may not remind us that our laws discriminate against you.
You may not remind us that your relationships are as holy and sacred as those our laws have deemed worthy of sanctifying.
You may not take the sanctity of union into your own hands, for that privilege is reserved unto the Ecclesiastical Court of the State of Virginia.
You may not make any law respecting an establishment of union, for it is the task of this State to separate the holy from the profane, the pure from the impure, the blessed from those deserving of everlasting damnation.
No, Virginia, there is no love; nor shall there be, except as we declare it.

Thanks: Andrew Sullivan