Morning Report: May 17, 2004

Morning Report will be on leave starting tomorrow (Tuesday) for the rest of this week, to allow me to get caught up with other planned posting and then take a short break. Morning Report will return, together with regular posting on DiL, on Sunday, May 23.

- Iraqi GC leader assassinated. (various) Izzidine Salim (also known as Abdel-Zaraa Othman), the president of the Iraqi Governing Council, was killed by a bomb on Monday morning at about 9:45am local time. Several other Iraqis were also killed in the explosion, which occurred about 200 meters from a Green Zone checkpoint. The GC chose Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer, due to assume the rotating presidency in June, to succeed Salim; he is to serve until the handover of sovereignty on June 30. Paul Bremer recalled that Salim “strove for the downfall of the former regime and the birth of a democratic Iraq.” French President Jacques Chirac declared that the incident left him “as convinced as ever that there is no military solution” in Iraq.
- Gay marriages recognized in Massachussetts. (Fox) Contrary to the Fox News headline, the gay marriages set to begin today in Massachussetts will not be “America’s first same-sex weddings”, but they will be the first ones legally recognized by the state.