Moonbat Watch

I couldn't resist the temptation to post this here:

...just in case you haven't seen it already. Coverage of the ANSWER demo in Washington DC. These people are beyond satire. Four Iraqi counter-demonstrators showed up and spoiled their party. Excerpt:

'This woman had the temerity to confront one of the Iraqis and say, "What about abortion? What about Shiite oppression of women?!" My jaw hit the ground. Five minutes prior to this exchange, her group of socialists were declaring their solidarity with the Iraqi uprising. Now that Iraqi counter-protestors arrived, she was attacking them for their Shiite background.

Socialism, abortion rights and Islamist solidarity. What do they have in common? Hatred of [Bush].'

The ap"peace"ment movement has no more use for real live Iraqis now than it did a year ago:

There's quite a lot that I want to say about the anti-liberation movement, but I will save that for another post. Meanwhile, enjoy perusing the photos of the ANSWER demo.

As they say in Scotland, "What a lot o' shite!"