Kerry v. The People of Iran

John Kerry's main Iranian fundraiser is suing the Iranian dissident group SMCCDI for $10 million. According to the SMCCDI news release:

The primary Iranian supporter of Senator John Kerry and a subject of many controversies, Hassan Nemazee, has sued the "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran (SMCCDI) and its coordinator for 10-million dollars in damages.
These two frivolous and potentially muffling law suits were filed on March 3rd at the 125th Judicial District Court of Harris County (Houston Texas) by Nemazee's hot shot lawyer, Charles R. Parker, who specializes in "complex business litigations." The SMCCDI's registrant was served on April 16th, and the Student Movement's coordinator, Aryo B. Pirouznia, was served on April 20th.

Tactically, the law suits are believed to be an attempt to publicly rehabilitate Nemazee's reputation. Being the subject of many less than positive discussions, Nemazee needs his image polished to cleanse John Kerry's Presidential campaign that has been tarnished with troubling questions on his international links.

Muffling, or forcing SMCCDI to cease operations would then give them a free hand in regard to the Iranian-American equation. Indeed, sustaining a judgment against SMCCDI could very well cause its' well known and valuable American operations to cease, as none of its US resident members have the resources to fight the Iranian-American businessman supporting Mr. Kerry. ...

WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!! Read the whole article at the link. Then let other people know what's going one. Freedom lovers must support SMCCDI - or see another blow struck against democracy in our own beloved America.